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Harlekin Studio Opera present 'Personnalités'

Personnalités - Coming May 4th to North Tyneside

Harlekin Studio Opera are proud to announce their debut performance - coming to a theatre near you on Sat 4th May (If you live in Newcastle or North Tyneside that is!).

‘Personnalités’ is a lively foray into a big-top dreamland , rich with eccentric characters, breath-taking puppetry and sensational situations of grand proportions. For one night only we will bring to life a bohemian world where creativity abounds but common sense often falls by the wayside. Through an amalgamation of favourite Opera Choruses and Arias, with a few lighter numbers mixed in, this community company tells an age-old tale of love, war, despair and ultimately forgiveness.

“This performance encapsulates the essence of ‘Harlekin’, or Arlecchino and will question the role of self indulgence and ego that has crept back into opera since Richard Strauss banished it some 100 years ago.” - Robert Hardiment (Artistic and Musical Director)

Produced and Directed by our resident director Robert Hardiment, this piece is fresh and zany. It examines closely the relationships between family, and disparate individuals, and holds a mirror to the loneliness of the many people who seek acceptance for their individual quirks and to those who feel safer squashing themselves into a socially constructed self.

“With our first project I really want to make clear, that HSO is taking a step in a different direction. I want to explore opera as a broader picture, highlighting a multi-disciplinary approach and including a wide selection of people whilst striving for excellence in every corner.” - RH

More details of this exciting venture will be released soon, along with tickets and box office details, but we hope that this is enough to whet your appetite for now!

-HSO Team



Harlekin Studio Opera is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation: No. 1183089. The company is managed by volunteers -  all funds are invested into the company, and into the enrichment of those we serve.


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